Install Kloxo MR7 in centos 7


Install Kloxo MR7 in centos 7

Hi Tech Guys,

this is a small tutorial that will help your installation of Kloxo MR7 in a Centos 7.3.

Kloxo MR7 is a fork of the deprecated project Kloxo and is a Powerful free Open-Source hosting control panel and more…

If you have some trouble to make it work, DO NOT HESITATE to comment here, feel free to ask.


-Centos 7.3 server with minimal hardware configuration (depends of your needs).

-ROOT permission on server.

-Internet connection to download all needed packages.

-Small IT basic knowledge and a bit of patience…

Let’s Start!


First of all update server

yum update

Change hostname at your server if needed

hostnamectl set-hostname kloxomr7.yobicloud.local

Add an entry in your /etc/hosts file (use your own IP Address and Hostname)

vi /etc/hosts

Add the entry           kloxomr7          kloxomr7.yobicloud.local

Install some packages required for optimal kloxo MR7 functionality

yum install yum-utils yum-priorities wget vim-minimal subversion curl net-tools zip unzip telnet -y

Move to temp folder, remove old rpm packages if any, now download and install version 7.0.0 (rpm naming as kloxomr7-7.0.0-*.rpm) read WARNING when install rpm package

cd /tmp
rm -f mratwork*
rpm -ivh --no-check-certificate
cd /
yum update mratwork-* -y
yum install kloxomr7 -y
sh /script/upcp

Once the installation is completed you can login in the web panel using default user and password admin:admin by enter one of the following address

(use your own IP address or hostname)


—>>> ENJOY!!! <<<—


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riccardoPosted on4:41 pm - Sep 27, 2018

Good job! Thanks a lot.

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