Computer Acronyms with O letter


Computer Acronyms with O letter

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OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OAT Operational Acceptance Testing
OAL Optimized ACL Logging
OBSAI Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODS Oracle Data Store
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OES Open Enterprise Server
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFTC Open and Free Technology Community
OID Object Identifier
OIF Ooutput Interface
OIR Online Insertion and Removal
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode
OLPC One Laptop per Child
OLTP Online Transaction Processing
OMF Object Module Format
OMG Object Management Group
OMR Optical Mark Reader
OO Object Oriented
OO OpenOffice
OOE Out-of-Order Execution
OOM Out Of Memory
OoOE Out-of-Order Execution
OOP Object-Oriented Programming
OOTB Out of the box
OPML Outline Processor Markup Language
OPSEC Operations Security
OPUS Online Product Utility System
ORB Object Request Broker
ORM Object Relational Mapping
OS Open Source
OS Operating System
OSCON O’Reilly Open Source CONvention
OSDN Open Source Development Network
OSI Open Source Initiative
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OSM Optical Services Module
OSINT Open Source Threat Intelligence
OSP Online Service Provider
OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OSM Optical Services Module
OSS Open Sound System
OSS Open Source Software
OSS Operations Support System
OSS On site Services
OSTG Open Source Technology Group
OT Ordering Tool
OUI Organisationally Unique Identifier

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