Computer Acronyms with M letter


Computer Acronyms with M letter

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MAC Mandatory Access Control
MAC Media Access Control
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MANET Mobile Ad Hoc Network
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence
Mb Megabit
MB Megabyte
MBCS Multi Byte Character Set
MBD Model Based Design
MBR Master Boot Record
MCA Micro Channel Architecture
MCA Microsoft Certified Architect
MCAD Microsoft Certified Application Developer
MCAS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist
MCAST Multicast
MCDBA Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator
MCDST Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
MCITP Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional
MCM Microsoft Certified Master
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCPC Multiple Channels Per Carrier
MCPD Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
MCSA Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCT Microsoft Certified Trainer
MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
MDA Mail Delivery Agent
MDA Model-Driven Architecture
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter
MDD Model Driven Development
MDSD Model Driven Software Development
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDM Master Data Management
MD5 Message Digest 5
ME Microsoft Edge
MET Multicast Expansion Table
MF Medium Frequency
MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes
MFIB Multicast Forwarding Information Base
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
MHz Megahertz
MIB Management Information Base
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MII Media Independent Interface
MIMD Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data
MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIPS Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages
MIS Management Information Systems
MISD Multiple Instruction, Single Data
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MLD Message Loading Device
MLP Multilink Point-to-Point Protoco
MLS Multilayer Switching
MLSCEF Multilayer Switching Cisco Express Forwarding
MLSM Multi Layer switching for multicast
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MMDS Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
MMDS Mortality Medical Data System
MMI Man Machine Interface
MMI Modem Management Interface
MMIO Memory-Mapped I/O
MMLS Multicast Multilayer Switching
MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
MMC Microsoft Management Console
MMF Multi Mode (optical) Fiber
MMU Memory Management Unit
MMX Multi Media Extensions
MNG Multiple-image Network Graphics
MoBo Motherboard
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOM Message Oriented Middleware
MOO MUD Object Oriented
MOP Meta Object Protocol
MOS Microsoft Office Specialist
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTD Message Of The Day
MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist
MPAA Motion Picture Association of America
MPEG Motion Pictures Experts Group
MPL Mozilla Public License
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MPPE Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption
MPU Microprocessor Unit
MRIB Multicast Routing Information Base
MS Memory Stick
MS Microsoft
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSFC Multilayer Switch Feature Card
MSN Microsoft Network
MS-DOS Microsoft DOS
MSSP Managed Security Service Provider
MT Machine Translation
MTA Mail Transfer Agent
MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching
MRTI Machine Readable Threat Intelligence
MSA Mail Submission Agent
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MSI Medium-Scale Integration
MSI Message Signaled Interrupt
MSI Microsoft Software Installer
MUA Mail User Agent
MUD Multi User Dungeon
MVC Model View Controller
MVP Most Valuable Professional
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MWC Mobile World Congress
MX Mail exchange
MXF Material Exchange Format
M2O Market to Order

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