Computer Acronyms with G letter


Computer Acronyms with G letter

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G11N Globalization
Gas GNU Assembler
GAM Global Account Manager
Gb Gigabit
GB Gigabyte
GBO Global Business Operations
GCC GNU Compiler Collection
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters
GCJ GNU Compiler for Java
GCR Group Coded Recording
GDB GNU Debugger
GDI Graphics Device Interface
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GEMAC Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control
GEWAN Gigabit Ethernet WAN
GFDL GNU Free Documentation License
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GIS Geographic Information System
GIT Github
GLUT OpenGL Utility Toolkit
GML Geography Markup Language
GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment
GUI Graphical User Interfase
GNU GNU’s Not Unix
GOMS Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection rules
GPFS General Parallel File System
GPG GNU Privacy Guard
GPGPU General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units
GPIB General-Purpose Instrumentation Bus
GPL General Public License
GPL General Purpose Language
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPT GUID Partition Table
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
GRUB Grand Unified Boot-Loader
GRC Governance Risk and Compliance
GERAN GSM EDGE Radio Access Network
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GSR Gigabit Switch Router
GTK+ GIMP Toolkit
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUID Globally Unique IDentifier
GWT Google Web Toolkit

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