Computer Acronyms with F letter


Computer Acronyms with F letter

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FAP FORTRAN Assembly Program
FASM Flat ASseMbler
FAT File Allocation Table
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FBDIMM Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module
FC-AL Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCB File Control Block
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDS Fedora Directory Server
FDD Frequency-Division Duplexing
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDM Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDMA Frequency-Division Multiple Access
FEC Forward Error Correction
FEMB Front-End Motherboard
FET Field Effect Transistor
FHS Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FIB Forwarding Information Base
FICON Fiber CONnectivity
FIFO First In First Out
FIM File Integrity Monitoring
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards
FL Function Level
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLOPS Floating-Point Operations Per Second
FLOSS Free/Libre/Open Source Software
FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence
FMO Future Mode of Operation
FOI Freedom of Information
FOSDEM Free and Open source Developers European Meeting
FOSI Formatted Output Specification Instance
FOSS Free and Open Source Software
FP Function Programming
FPD Field programmable device
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
FPS Floating Point Systems
FPU Floating Point Unit
FRU Field Replaceable Unit
FS File System
FSB Front Side Bus
fsck File System Check
FSF Free Software Foundation
FSM Finite State Machine

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